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Some sexy shit right here!

That was some damn sexy shit! The whole intro looked proffesional and smooth, and then animation was wicked smooth and extremely, um, "colorful". Overall amazing job. I suggest making a second if you're up to it!

I see another xiao xiao in the making . . .

Nice work, really good idea. Try to smooth out hte animation a little more, cause sometimes it looks like he didnt even hit him and yet the guy flinched. Otherwise ur golden mate!

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darkja responds:



They really would do that too! I almost thought it was the same guy as the one with the Ipad. Really great. It sounded like they wrote it too, it was really great. The way they describe it makes it seem like the next discovery of fire! BUT, you forgot something. A completely outrageous price! Update!

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D03S N0T W0r|c!

Most of the time, when i click on a zombie that is still out of the hole, the ax chops, and nothing happens. And thats the whole game. So if it doesn't work, then why put it up, ya know?

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This is awesome!

This game is awesome! As you play, the music does small additions slowly, and when you hit a "coin" it adds a beat, so you can essentially create all different kinds of cool beats without even knowing it! This game has actually given me some pretty damn good drumming ideas. Amazing work!

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Best "launching" game ever!

Woah. This game blew me away. At first i thought it would be some dinky little truck launching thing, but no, u went ALL out. The smashstreaks were original and fun, and you felt like you actually needed all the upgrades (which really doesnt happen very often with most games, most of the time there is something you can just leave out). I really hope that this game will help pave the way for future launching games, great job man. Looking forward to a second one so get on it!

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