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Does it always take this long!?!?

2010-04-27 19:34:17 by SJLifeisgood

Okay, its been a whole day, and my audio portal submission still hasnt been "looked over since its my first time" or whatever. Does it always take this long the first time? Or did i somehow fall off the grid? I really would like it to go up, i spent a good 2 weeks on it. Yes it is a garageband made song, but you can barely tell since there is so much going on.


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2010-04-27 19:42:58

They have so many musical submissions to investigate, since a lot of 10 year olds think the audio portal is another place to store their stolen mp3's.
give em 2 weeks, you can use the dumping grounds in the mean time if you need feedback from folks here or need to share it for a flash collaboration.
if in 2 weeks it still hasn't been approved, got to the FAQ and find an audio mod and send them a pm.